749 CRM Recruiting Mgr, GZ

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Role accountabilities

Consumer Targeting- Prospect Management

  • Develop and implement of tools and techniques- for targeted consumer profiling & identification of our consumers (efficient/ effective)
  • Establish a relation and connection with the target consumers- and drive the brand preference
  • Secure conversion of target group into users, through successful implementation of communication & conversion strategy
  • Evaluate tools & techniques on regular base- and optimize to enhance effectiveness

Consumer Insights

  • Having highly detailed knowledge about target consumers, their needs, wishes & preferred approach
  • Acting as an expert and information source in the organization about the target consumer and keeping his/her knowledge and expertise up-to-date by having regular contact with them
  • Continuously update and gaining deeper understanding – of pregnant mums, young mums- through data analysis, research, market visits & findings, relevant literature, attending conferences / training
  • Translate knowledge into practical activities- answering to consumer & business needs.
  • Come up with new ideas to improve business- NPD, communication etc.

Consumer Recruitment Programs

  • Development & execution of yearly recruitment plan- part of overall brand communication strategy
  • Constant recruiting of predefined, high quality prospects by developing effective and creative recruitment programs, soft switch programs and activities
  • In cooperation with the Conversion manager cultivation of the prospects- and develop better understanding on key users
  • Pro-actively coming up with new ideas, approaches, channels, methods to find & attract prospects
  • Giving clear instructions about the programs and their goals to the Sales team.
  • Reporting to the Marketing Manager about the results of the chosen programs and presenting improvements and /or new programs

Digital communication & WOM

  • Development and execution of yearly digital communication calendar- as part of the overall brand communication strategy
  • Develop & implement- effective cultivation programs to engage the registered prospects and enhancing their commitment to the brand
  • Develop & implement- referral programs to attract new customers through customers (WOM).
  • Develop & implement soft switch programs to recruit users of other brands
  • Ensure enhancement of web based activities- by local in-market activities ( in store, consumer events, PR, field team support, offline communication tools)
  • Supports the CRM Manager in the digital execution of the agreed strategy and exploration & implementation of web-based communication & database tools
  • Checking the effectiveness of the used programs with the CRM department and users (Sales department) and if necessary redesign it.
  • Maintaining the successful programs and addressing the successful items of the programs.
  • Continuously testing new ideas and program items and when successful implementing and rolling them out in other areas.
  • Reviewing the programs regularly and keep it up-to-date.
  • Business Development- Portfolio Management and Competitor Analysis
  • Monitor trends in business, market and customer requirements
  • Monitoring the program methodologies of competitors
  • Detailed competitor analysis and reporting- weekly & monthly

Operational Management

  • Manages own budget & activities- ensures adequate reporting and status overviews
  • Ensures effectiveness & efficiency of Marketing activities
  • Takes corrective actions when necessary & ensures adequate reporting
  • Prepares timely input and answers to questions from internal and external partners

Human Resources and Team Development

  • Coaches and manages team members- bring to higher standards
  • Translate strategy into clear and SMART defined objectives for individual team members
  • Work closely together with the Operation Team, in order to create excellence in execution
  • Team members to operate within the corporate code of conduct. 


  • Bachelor degree in Marketing / Sales
  • Experience in a sales /direct marketing position
    (> 2-5 years)
  • Brand Marketing Experience (> 2-5 years)
  • Experience with direct consumer contacts/ selling (formed part of a field force)
  • Being familiar with the baby/ food/ dairy industry
  • Experienced in working with and activating third parties and getting the best out of these relationships.
  • Knowledge of the latest Marketing trends, tools and methodologies.
  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinker
  • Being able to see and use opportunities (can-do mentality)
  • Taking initiative and daring to explore new things and facing challenges.
  • Practical and hands-on
  • Having a strong customer focus and empathy
  • Continually striving for improvement


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