B08 设计总监, 北京

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Role & Responsibilities:

A key role within the agency, the Design Director will work closely with internal functions, lead creative design for numerous publications. Responsibilities include managing a team of designers and the effective use of all text, images and graphics for presentation and you will ensure all publications follow a consistent design. The Design Director will also be responsible for printing and product issues and will liaise with marketing and advertising on special projects.


Concept Generation / Big Idea


  • Work with other senior creative and lead the development of concept generation
  • Inspire others to think laterally to evolve the big idea
  • Continually drive leading edge creativity
  • Share responsibility for the teams creative stimulation and exposure to current trends



Design & Development


  • Lead design development
  • Responsible for the creative growth, development and completion of all design work on particular client assignments
  • Oversee and work closely with the design team demanding creative and robust quality driven solutions
  • Ensure that relevant team members are informed of overall scope of assignment and timing implications
  • Create mood boards/video - capturing the concept in a way that inspires
  • Create high quality design to inspire team and clients



Client / Internal Relationships


  • Enhance internal relationships across the business, ensuring assignment success
  • Liaise with peers and follow activities across the network
  • Brief suppliers and demand a quality result
  • Build and maintain strong client relationships
  • Escalation point for issues management and resolution





  • Work in partnership with the senior team to ensure the final brand solution is in line with the original vision and the client's practical requirements
  • Able to complete a design project individually when needed
  • Confidently present work ensuring it builds on the agreed vision
  • Develop, test and implement ideas across a range of applications
  • Take ownership and a lead role as assignments develop
  • Assist in budgeting design assignments and assessing most appropriate partners/suppliers
  • Ensure ideas are executed flawlessly



People Management/Team Briefing


  • Ensure relevant skills are deployed effectively across assignments
  • Lead team briefings and regular progress reviews, ensuring issues are escalated where appropriate
  • Provide direction and development to the team, ensuring that performance is manage during the review process
  • Assist other Directors and more junior designers to fine tune each other’s ideas





  • 12+ years’ experience in corporate branding and identity
  • Excellent presentation skills and ability to liaise with senior clientele
  • Expert in the use of relevant design software
  • Knowledge of emerging trends in design
  • Relevant technical expertise (2D, 3D, etc)
  • Ability to understand a wide range of production processes and able to deliver workable solutions across a variety of media
  • Creative flair
  • Self-motivated with a desire to contribute to the company as a whole
  • Proven leadership ability
  • Good time management
  • Effective partner to other senior colleagues
  • Deputy to Creative Director





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