Triple-win is the standard that defines our work

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The interest of an employer and a candidate is different. Employers want people who are capable, willing to work (especially under pressure), willing to take responsibility, proactive, and loyal at containable cost. Job seekers want good package, benefits, opportunity to advance and learn new skills, respect, and job security. In many ways, the interest conflicts with each other.

However, if we consider this from a higher level as a business, both parties share the values of a greater good. It is possible that candidate get the things he/she wants where company satisfies its need in business growth. It is obvious that comapny shall only survive because of the people who deliver the products or services. If this could be done, that is a win-win. It is not a zero-sum game.

However, even we all know the old saying "put the right people in the right places", it is hard to accomplish that. Sometimes inhouse human resource just do not have enough resources to do it right. Sometimes it is just inappropriate for a company human resource to perform. No matter for what reasons, many companies seek help from outside. They pay for the services of people screening, recommendation, or in a word recruiting. That is where the search firms are from. Professional search firms have the industry knowledge and by nature are easier to approach candidates as a third party. Such agency services give great flexibility to the employers.

Thus, the rule of game now involves more than two parties. It is the ultimate goal that right people be put into the right places at the right time. Hunter's work is to act as a arm to the in-house human resource and help company find the right candidates within the desired time frame. Search firms always can do it in a broader scope and in faster pace. It would be a triple win when a successful placement takes place.

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Face-to-face with Search Firms

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Job interview is the most important step in understanding the profile of a candidate. However, many headhunters do not follow the traditional but formal way of screening. In real practice, face to face still proves to be the key to the quality of a hunter.

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The Role of the Search Firms

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Search firms get service fees from the employers, not the job candidates. Headhunter acts as an agent between employers and job seekers. As a third party, headhunters have to be objective in all aspects of the recruiting pcoress.

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World's Top Search Firms

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The executive search industry ranges from "Retained" search to "Contingency" search.  There are two broad types of Retained Executive Search firms in operation.


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What is Executive Search ?

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The executive search profession ranges in models from "Retained" search to "Contingency" search. Retained search firms are paid a retainer equal to one-third of the fee up front to launch the search process, and pay the rest according to stages in the process.

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