Globalite Executive Search Helps Young Taiwanese Start Career in Mainland China

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2016 has been a rough year in Taiwan and mainland China's official relationship. However, some signals have shown the China government moves its focus more to the real needs of Taiwan people. Young innovation and startup is one of the policies in China. The scope also covers Taiwanese. Many new setup of online and offline platforms for Taiwan young people to exchange innovation idea and raise angel/venture funds are happening. For instance Wenzhou, a third tier city in Zhejiang province, government has launched an Innovation Center for young Taiwanese Shanghai government also establishes similar center in down town city recently.


Due to low economic growth and starting salary for college graduates, young Taiwanese have chosen to extend academic study in a way to delay entry into the job market. The fact that freshmen get paid NT$22,000 a month (equivalent to US$700) has become the norm nowadays in Taiwan. Companies refuse to raise the wage for reasons like stagnant economy and loss of competitiveness. In mainland China, the starting salary may be the same, however the annual increase could be significant.  For graduates from the top 38 universities in China, it is very likely to get a monthly pay above RMB¥20,000 (US$3,000) after 5 years working. Such figure is way higher than the average in the Taiwan job market.


In fact, there are more young Taiwanese moving and working in mainland China. Thanks to the popularity of social tools, they have been connected as alumni of high school or college. There are various sub-circles of different interest too, like apartment leasing, real estate investment, or even group purchase of Taiwan foods. Offline party activities are being held every year or season with a hope to help each other or simply be social. In the past 20 years, many Taiwanese moved to mainland China with ex-pat package. Now the ex-pat package becomes rare. Meanwhile, Chinese or western companies are sending managers to Taiwan to lead the APAC regional operations or the Taiwan branch. People moving to the other side of the Taiwan Strait to work becomes both ways.


Many Taiwanese families encourage their young men and women to move outside of the island. Going abroad to make more money has never been so frequently talked about. Major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are the top choices to these young Taiwanese. However, due to the political atmosphere and difference in Chinese characters used, limited Chinese job market information is available in Taiwan.


Seeing such a trend and the need for job information, Globalite Executive Search has decided to launch a plan in 2017 to assist the young Taiwanese people to start their career in China. "The MTTC program shall be implemented in three aspects," said Julie Ting, the Director in charge of the program. "Facebook and Line shall be the main vehicles to proliferate the Chinese job market news to new graduates who have no job experience at all. We shall provide free assessments and coaching to young people that have a few years of working experience. On the other hand, to young professionals in semiconductors for which China is desperately asking, we would be happy to provide a placement service in a way as we do in normal executive search assignments."


Globalite Executive Search sees the program as a new movement and shall also try to align with the Taiwan innovation centers to maximize the synergy.

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